Markets Served

IFI amplifers are in use all over the world. Some of the applications and makets we serve include:

  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Testing Labs Commercial & Industrial testing applications
  • University and Research Applications
  • Radar SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and other types, Airborne, Shipboard & Vehicle mounted
  • EW & ECM (Electronic Warfare & Electronic Counter Measures) Shelter & Vehicle mounted
  • Wireless telecommunications
  • Medical and Government/Defense requirements

IFI was founded in 1953 as The Premier Amplifier Company. Originally founded By Elston Swanson, an engineer and leader innovating and developing products before other companies. When first established, the company was focused mainly on the support of Military Testing applications. Over the decades, IFI has expanded the product line that was originally Tetrode Tube RF Amplifiers to include Solid State RF amplifiers as well as TWT Amplifiers; types such as Pulse Amplifiers as well as CW and Gridded. IFI supports our customers with a full line of Antennas, Couplers, Cables, Loads, TEM Cells and RF Components as accessory items in support of their applications and requirements.

Years of research and design innovations allow us to provide the broadest range of amplifiers available with power levels ranging from watts to multi-Kilowatts. We offer broadband, very broadband and band-specific amplifiers from 10 kHz to 40GHz.

Primary applications include EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) testing labs, Commercial testing applications; Industrial testing, University and Research Applications, as well as Radar SAR and other types, EW & ECM (Electronic Warfare & Electronic Counter Measures), Wireless telecommunications, Medical and Government/Defense requirements are our primary customers.

Our primary customers are system integrators in automotive and aircraft commercial markets as well as system integrators performing support services to the government. Other customers include clients in the medical industry, government as well as National labs and public and private universities. Our designs and custom configurations in support of customer applications make us a major provider for RF and microwave amplifiers. .

We provide an extensive line of products that incorporate the latest in technology. Our Solid State amplifiers are using State-Of-The-Art GaN, Sixth generation LDMOS, and MOSFET devices utilizing our design approach for reliability of 3dB-OVER. This approach has proven to be the perfect recipe for long reliable operation in support of customer applications no matter what the environment. Our building block approach allows us to provide customers with endless solutions with our product designs. We provide amplifiers that range from basic designs to fully loaded models to meet any specific requirement. Our engineering team has hundreds of years of extensive experience to respond quickly to new requirements finding the most cost-effective reliable solutions. Our demonstrated Quality and Value for all commercial and harsh environmental applications allow us to provide an unprecedented full 3-Year Warranty on almost all products.

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GaN amplifier

IFI S61-Series GaN Amplifiers for broadband testing applications...

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