Instrument For Industries designs and manufactures a full line of solid-state and traveling wave tube (TWT) amplifier products as well as RF and microwave accessories for the EMI and EMC markets.


  • Transmit/Receive Switch

    IFI offers RF microwave transmit and receive switches (TR switches).

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  • Amplifier Modules
    Solid state amplifier modules for a host of applications. Amplifier modules are available as stand alone amps and are designed into our solid state amplifier systems.
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  • Amplifier Product Highlights
    IFI designs and manufactures truly state of the art amplifier products that are so unique we highlight them here. The following products are a sampling of these products.
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  • Antennas

    Antenna products:

    • E-field generating antennas: designed to generate strong electric field intensities for use in radiated susceptibility testing systems.
    • Standard Gain Horn Antennas: linearly polarized antennas. High-power Standard Gain Horn antennas operate over the 750 MHz to 40 GHz frequency range
    • Broadband Gain Horn Antenna: operate over the 200MHz to 40GHz frequency range. High power broad band horn antenna products are linearly polarized.
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  • EW/EMC Amplifiers

    Broadband EW (electronic warefare) and EMC (electromechanical compliance) testing amplifiers are the most versitile amplifier on the market today. Broadand amplifiers are available as TWT (traveling wave tube) amplifiers or as solid state amplifiers.

    Advancements in broadband amplifier technology has included the use of GaN (Gallium nitride) amplifier technology. GaN is a very hard, mechanically stable wide band gap semiconductor material with high heat capacity and thermal conductivity.

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  • Millimeter Amplifiers

    Millimeter amplifiers are designed using (TWT) Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers. IFI Millimeter TWTA's operate in the 18-50 GHz range. 

    Applications for millimeter amplifiers include EMC (electromechanicl compliance) and EMI (electro mechanical interference) testing applications.

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  • New Product Releases

    Always at the forefront of solid-state and Rf TWT amplifier technology, IFI continues to develope new and exciting RF amplifiers and amplifier modules for EMI testing applications.

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  • RF and Microwave Accessories

    RF and Microwave Accessories

    These RF and Microwave accessories compliment IFI's  TWT and solid state RF Microwave amplifiers and make EMI testing easy. RF microwave accessories include antennas, cables, couplers, loads, attenuators, TEM cells, adapters and RF components.

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  • Amplifier Overview

    Amplifier Overview

    Instruments For Industry designs and manufactures a vast array of RF Microwave High, Medium and Low Power Amplifiers in broadband, wideband and standard frequency bandwidths. These amplifiers are used for EMC, EW, laboratory and EMI testing applications. Amplifiers types include: TWT (traveling wave tube) Amplifiers, Tetrode Tube Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers, CW, Pulse TWTA and Millimeter Amplifiers.

    Utilizing state of the art technologies like Gallium Nitride amplifier technology (GaN) for use in both their wideband and broadband RF microwave amplifier products.

    IFI's Indoor and Outdoor RF microwave testing amplifiers are used in both commercial and military applications worldwide.

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  • Solid State Amplifiers
    Solid state RF microwave amplifier products.
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  • TWT amplifiers
    Traveling wave tube (TWT) technology is used to amplify signals to much higher power levels for use in our high power testing amplifiers. These TWTA amplifiers are used for laboratory EMC (electronic mechanical compliance) and EMI (electronic mechanical interference) testing applications. TWT (traveling wave tube) amplifier products are available for both commercial and military applications.
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