Transmit Receive Switches (TR) - TR switch, High Power Switch, RF TR Switch, RF High Power TR Switch

Transmit/Receive Switches - TR Switch - RF Solid-State High Power TR Switches

IFI RF Microwave High-Power TR Swiches are Solid-State devices. Designed as transmit and recive switching devices.

These field proven durable Solid-State TR Swiches are used in our power amplifier products and systems.

Model TRS-90M-30M-50W TR Switch

Model TRS-90M-30M-500W TR Switch

Model TRS-100M-20M-1KW TR Switch

Model TRS-100M-20M-500W TR Switch

Model TRS-500M-100M-1.5KW TR Switch

Model TRS-520M-100M-1KW TR Switch

Model TRS-520M-100M-500W TR Switch

Model TRS-1000M-500M-1.5KW TR Switch

Model TRS-1000M-500M-1KW TR Switch

Model TRS-1000M-500M-500W TR Switch

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