RF Microwave Amplifier Overview

Instruments For Industry designs and manufactures a vast array of RF Microwave High Power, RF Microwave Medium Pwer and RF Microwave Low Power Amplifiers in broadband, wide-band and standard frequency bandwidths. These RF Microwave Amplifiers are used for EMC, EW, laboratory and EMI testing applications worldwide. RF amplifiers types include: TWT (traveling wave tube) Amplifiers, Tetrode Tube Amplifiers, Solid State Amplifiers, CW, Pulse TWTA and Millimeter Amps.

Utilizing state of the art technologies like Gallium Nitride amplifier technology (GaN) for use in both their wide band and broadband RF microwave amplifier products.

IFI's Indoor and Outdoor RF microwave testing amplifiers are used in both commercial and military applications worldwide.

1 CW TWT Amplifiers - CW Amplifiers, CW TWTA
2 TWT Amplifiers - TWTA, Traveling Wave Tube Amplifiers, RF TWT Amplifiers
3 RF Microwave Solid-State Amplifier, Solid-State Power Amplifiers (SSPA), Solid-State Broadband Amplifiers
4 Tetrode Tube Amplifier Index
5 Millimeter RF Amplifier Index
6 EW and ECM Amplifier Index
7 Amplifier Module Index - RF Solid-State Power Amplifier Modules (SSPA)
8 Amplifier Systems Index
9 Rental Amplifiers | RF Amplifier Rentals
10 Amplifier Options
11 Broadband Amplifiers and Wideband Amplifiers

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GaN amplifier

IFI S61-Series GaN Amplifiers for broadband testing applications...

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