Amplifier Options

Although IFI RF microwave amplifiers come with outstanding features, we offer additional options to customize the amplifier or system for your specific application. Each of the available amplifier options are listed on the product data sheets and below is a complete reference table of the standard option numbers.

IFI can customized or add additional specialized features to all of our amps., please contact IFI to discuss your specific requirements.

Option List For IFI Amplifiers
Option 101:
Pin Diode Amplitude Modulation
Option 102:
Option 103
VSWR/ reflected power protection
Opton 103GD:
VSWR/ protection with Graceful Degredation Foldback
Option 104:
Alternate Prime Power (specify at time of order)
Option 105:
Relay Remote
Option 106:
Rack Integration
Option 107:
Pulse Modulation (pin diode)
Option 108:
Output Isolator
Option 109:
Input Isolator
Option 110:
GPIB IEEE-488 Remote
Option 110-1:
RS 232 Remote
Option 110-2:
RS 422 Remote
Option 110-3:
RS 485 Remote
Option 111:
400 Hz Prime Power
Option 112F:
Front Panel RF Sample Port -30, -40, -50 or -60 N or SMA
Option 112R:
Rear Panel RF Sample Port -30, -40, -50 or -60 N or SMA
Option 113:
Chassis Slides for 19” Rack Mounting
Option 114:
Internal Preamplifier
Option 115M:
Manual Gain Control
Option 115R:
Local & Remote Gain Control
Option 116:
Remote Control Panel
Option 117:
Specific Waveguide Output
Option 118F:
Front Panel RF Connections
Option 118R:
Rear Panel RF Connections
Option 118A:
RF Input On Front Output On Rear
Option 118B:
RF Input On Rear Output On Front
Option 119:
Input Limiter
Option 120:
Gain Equalizer
Option 121:
SMA connectors (20 watt units)
Option 122:
Internal Systems Diagnostics
Option 123F:
Reflected Front Panel RF Sample Port -30, -40, -50 or -60 N or SMA
Option 123R:
Reflected Rear Panel RF Sample Port -30, -40, -50 or -60 N or SMA
Option 124:
Automatic Leveling Control
Option 125:
DC Input Prime Power
Option 126F/B:
Filament/Beam Elapsed Time Metering
Option 126T/0:
Total/Operate Elapsed Time Metering
Option 127:
RF cover Interlocks
Option 128:
RF Safety Interlock
Option 129:
Harmonic Filtering
Option 130F/R:
Foward/Reflected Power Metering

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