New Test Station Developed to Enhance Defense System in the Army

A team of researchers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute and the Army Reprogramming Analysis Team have developed a new test station, the Integrated Support Station (ISS), to enhance defense systems in the Army.

Currently in place to protect army aircraft from attacks is the AN/AAR-57 Common Missile Warning System (CMWS). The army updates this system’s software regularly and the new ISS allows the Army to “test software updates under a wide range of scenarios and conditions to make sure it will perform as expected on Army aircraft.”

"The ISS creates an environment by feeding data to the sensors, simulating threats and monitoring the responses that the unit makes to the simulated threats. The ISS then correlates the results to make sure the system's responses are what should be expected from the threat information fed into the system," William Miller, a GTRI senior research scientist, said.

Because missile attacks happen quickly, the ISS needs to be at top efficiency and function fast in order to protect soldiers.

"What we are doing is certainly interesting technical work, but the results go out into the field to save the lives of our soldiers and allow them to return home to their families. All of us enjoy doing challenging engineering work, but when we stand back and look at what's really happening here, saving lives is the rewarding part," Miller added.

This project has produced two ISS units already and the research team hopes to introduce a third unit very soon.

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