New High Tech Aircraft Test lab to be Built

Honeywell announces it has partnered with the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) to design and build a new high-technology laboratory to test Electromagnetic Interference (EMI). The 73,000 square-foot-lab will be built in Puerto Rico and will test electromagnetic capability of Honeywell products used for navigation and cockpit systems in aircraft. This EMI lab will assist advancements in aerospace, commercial and military industries.


“As aircraft become more and more entrenched in connectivity, it also becomes necessary to know exactly how electromagnetic forces, such as those from Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs), will interfere with aviation. Honeywell’s new facility aims to scrub up some of the uncertainty surrounding electronics and provide a clear picture of how and when EMI is an issue for both operators and regulators,” according to the company.


A Honeywell survey on In-Flight Connectivity Reports showcased that 66 percent of passengers select their flight while connected to Wi-Fi. The need for faster, reliable and secure internet connections during flights continues to grow as consumers continue to use smartphones, laptops and tablets during flights. “The expectation of continuous connectivity is a reality for today’s travelers. As a result, Honeywell Aerospace continues to invest in developing solutions that directly address safety and security issues,” Bob Smith, vice president of engineering at Honeywell Aerospace, said.


Expected completion of construction of the EMI laboratory is October 2015.


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Application Note: Automotive 600V/m Pulse Radar Test with a Dual-Mode Amplifier

This Application Note outlines and describes a better understanding of the required power levels to meet the automotive specification defined by Ford and GM.

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