Mil-Spec Reliability for Electronic Control Circuits

The processes a manufacturer needs to ensure mil-spec reliability for electronic control circuits was recently explained by Anthony Green, the director of engineering at Plexus. He referenced a case study concerning a defense electronics firm that required two separate electronic control modules for a new AESA radar system to be developed and manufactured.

“The customer had designated design for reliability as a top priority. The modules had to be suitable for use in military jet fighters where space and weight is a major consideration; to be able to cope with extremes of temperature, vibration and sudden shock from gunfire; and they had to be compact, lightweight, and electromagnetically shielded to minimize noise amid radar signals,” Green said.

The manufacturing design team at the firm had to “look at how the legacy products had worked and re-configure the design to meet 21stC military certification, while looking to the potential for future upgrade of the components, including producing accurate documentation at every stage in the development and production process,” Green added.

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Application Note: Automotive 600V/m Pulse Radar Test with a Dual-Mode Amplifier

This Application Note outlines and describes a better understanding of the required power levels to meet the automotive specification defined by Ford and GM.

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