Military Uses Laser to Take Energy from Electromagnetic Waves

During the Air Force Association Air and Space conference in September, 4722510 Air Force General Hawk Carlisle announced his intentions of attaching directed energy pods to fighter planes by 2020.

A directed energy pod emits highly focused energy to destroy specific targets.

“The pods can take energy from electromagnetic radio waves, particles with mass, or sound waves. A directed energy pod uses energy to heat enemy targets until they explode,” the Daily Caller said.

The first laser weapon was deployed by the U.S. Navy late last year, according to the Daily Caller. The laser is aboard the U.S.S. Ponce, and uses a 30-killowat beam that is 2-3 nanometers in diameter. It has the ability to destroy small boats, submarines, and light aircraft.

“The Air Force is currently working with a 150-plus kilowatt system called HELLADS, which recently moved into ground-based testing at White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico. Air Force leaders hope HELLADS will be field-ready within the next five years,” The Daily Caller added.


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Application Note: Automotive 600V/m Pulse Radar Test with a Dual-Mode Amplifier

This Application Note outlines and describes a better understanding of the required power levels to meet the automotive specification defined by Ford and GM.

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