New and Updated Automotive Safety Standards

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) is doing everything to keep up with how quickly automotive technology is changing. Here are some new and updated electronic hardware and software SAE standards from to help you keep up on EMI and other requirements.


The (SAE) Recommended Practice for Pass-Thru Vehicle Programming (J2534/1) “describes a standardized interface that connects between a PC and vehicle to enable the reprogramming of emission-related control modules, [and] allows each vehicle manufacturer to control the programming sequence for the electronic control units (ECUs) in their vehicles.”


The Class B Data Communications Network Interface (J1850) is a standard that is “widely used for diagnostics and data sharing in applications such as engine, transmission, ABS, and instrumentation.”


The SAE Standard J551/15 for Vehicle Electromagnetic Immunity “specifies the ESD test methods and procedures necessary to evaluate electronic modules intended for use in complete vehicles.”


The SAE J1962 Diagnostic (OBD) Connector Standard “details the requirements of an on-board Diagnostic (OBD) Connector as defined by U.S. On-Board Diagnostic regulations, [and] sets forth the functional requirements of the vehicle connector as well as the external test equipment.”


To see more new important safety standards to follow, click here to read more .


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