Automotive-Focused Lab Opens for Auto Engineering Community

Wireless communication test and consulting firm Cetecom has recently launched the Open Lab Alliance (OLA), providing the real world in-lab test scenarios necessary for developing connected vehicle subsystems and applications.


According to, “the OLA promotes a collaborative test environment to the automotive engineering and software development community,” and is “comprised of industry-leading test and measurement companies, roadside unit (RSU) suppliers, and simulation system tool providers that deliver state of the art automotive test technologies.”


“In a controlled, yet open work environment, engineers can develop lab experiments and perform various types of testing; such as, Applink Test Development, Cyber Security tests, TCU Cellular Module tests, Spectrum Analysis, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Navigation testing, Radio Airlink Channel Emulation Wireless Connectivity, as well as Automated Connected driving simulation,” reported


Each of these test benches can be reserved through the OLA website.

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Free Application Note 115 Download: GaN Amplifier Technology Brief


This Application Note highlights the advantages gallium nitride (GaN) high-electron-mobility-transistor (HEMT) technology has in RF power amplifier design, such as operating at ≥ 2000 MHz and the high power density possible from relatively small transistor cells.

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