ARMY Airworthy Medical Devices Pass EMC Tests to Ensure Safety Standards

(April 13th, 2016) To ensure that carry-on medical devices, called Patient Movement Items (or PMIs), meet or exceed Army airworthiness requirements, the Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center’s Aviation Engineering Directorate have to have H-60 Medical Evacuation Black Hawk helicopters undergo EMC, EMI, and other environmental testing.


“Black Hawk helicopters make it possible for critical patients to fly from the battlefield to a specialized medical facility with their necessary medical equipment including blood warmers, patient monitors and oxygen ventilators,” Nathan Proper, AED systems engineer, said. “To ensure everyone’s safety, each PMI must undergo a series of tests before an Airworthiness Release can be authorized.” reported that “a series of tests are conducted by the Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, including Electromagnetic Interference, Explosive Atmosphere, Night Vision Device compatibility, Electromagnetic Compatibility and others.”


“EMI testing is initially conducted on each PMI device to characterize its electromagnetic profile. Excessive radiated emissions may cause interference with aircraft communication and navigation systems,” according to TheRedstoneRocket.


And “an EMC test is conducted to determine if the PMI is compatible electromagnetically with all other equipment installed on that aircraft. This ensures proper operation of flight displays, navigation and communication equipment,” TheRedstoneRocket explained.


TheRedstoneRocket also reported that, “More than 75 PMI devices have been authorized for use on the H-60 fleet through AED’s airworthiness efforts.”


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