RF Microwae TWT Medium Power Amplifiers, T-100 Series

IFI is now offering a new series of Medium Power TWT Amplifiers based on our other small series of amplifiers that provide customers just that extra power they sometimes need. Our New very compact, very robust medium power TWT broadband amplifiers operate from 2 – 18 GHz in various frequency ranges. For customers that have applications or requirements where they need a broader frequency range amplifier they can use our new T-100 Series Amplifiers. They are smaller, lighter and typically more economical than a full 200 watt T-200 series Amplifier. For additional information on this amplifier click here...

Along with the T-100 series medium power TWT amplifier IFI manufactures a complete line of TWT medium power amplifiers for the following applications:

  • EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
  • Testing Labs Commercial & Industrial testing applications
  • University and Research Applications
  • Radar SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) and other types, Airborne, Shipboard & Vehicle mounted
  • EW & ECM (Electronic Warfare & Electronic Counter Measures) Shelter & Vehicle mounted
  • Wireless telecommunications
  • Medical and Government/Defense requirements

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