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To compliment our sate of the art amplifier products, IFI manufactures and distributes antennas that perform well in EMC, EMI and lab test applications.

These antennas include: Field Generating Antennas, Standard Gain Horn Antennas and Broadband Gain Horn Antennas.

IFIs high performance antennas are field proven, known for their; reliability,  durability, excellent performance and can be used for both miitary or commercial testing applications.

Antenna Series
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Antenna Type
Frequency Range
PDF Datasheet
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EFG E-Field Generating Antenna 10 kHz – 220 MHz 1000 – 2000 PDF
ANT-SGH Standard Gain Horn Antenna 0.5 – 40 GHz up to 1000 PDF
ANT-BHA Broadband Gain Horn Antenna 0.2 – 40 GHz 200 – 1000 PDF

IFI Gain Horn Antennas Specfications are subject to change without noticification © IFI-2011

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