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Transversal Electromagnetic Mode Cell (TEM cell) , sometimes called RF shielded Boxes and RF Shielded Enclosures, offer the necessary environment for performing EMC, EMI, pre-compliance and compliance testing in a package that is convenient, cost-effective and (in certain respects) technically superior to the larger anechoic chamber.

About IFI TEM Cells:

IFI designs, manufactures and distributes TEM cells (Transverse Electro-Magnetic), small anechoic chamber for performing Pre-Compliance and compliance testing. These chambers allow for accurate maintenance and measurement of E-Field levels (within ± 1.0 dB nominal on most models) without antennas.

TEM Cell Applications:

Susceptibility testing, Emissions testing, EMC (Electromagnetic Compliance) testing,, radiation testing.

Test portable communication products, Meter/sensor calibration, Product calibration, High Power leveling and used in Medical and Biological testing applications.

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